Início da vidaEdit

Brian Tochi

Date of Birth:

May 2nd, 1963

Place of Birth:

Los Angelas, California

Real Name:

Brian Keith Tochi

Brian Tochi 23201 3

Tochi nasceu los Los Angeles, Califórnia, Filho de Joe Tochihara (aka 'Tochi), dono de hum salão de Cabeleireiro de celebridades Beverly Hills Bem conhecida, e Jane Harada, Ambos' Japonês e ex-Detentos (Junto com milhares de Imigrantes Japoneses OUTROS Japoneses e Os Nascidos nn EUA) de campos de internamento Japoneses Durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial . Enquanto Brian Criança era AINDA UMA, uma Família Mudou-se de Los Angeles parágrafo  Orange County, Califórnia Onde elemento dividiu a SUA Formação empreendedorismo como Escolas Públicas CRP E os Tutores de Estudio (Atores mirins parágrafos) EM  estúdio filme Lotes. Apos a formatura não do Médio ensino, elemento participou  USC,  UCLA , e  UCI .


  • 1968-He and She as Kim
  • 1968-Star Trek as Ray
  • 1970-The Brady Bunch as Tommy
  • 1971-The Omega Man as Tommy
  • 1971-The Bold Ones: The New Doctors as Chin
  • 1971-The Partridge Family as Young Boy
  • 1971-Nanny and the Professor as Jimmy Okura
  • 1971-Adam-Twelve as Flower Boy
  • 1971-Maruc Welby, MD as Larry/ Max Redding
  • 1972-The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan as Alan Chan
  • 1972-Anna and the King
  • 1973-The Streets of San Fransisco as Davey
  • 1973-Kung-Fu as Ho Kong/ Shen Ung
  • 1975-Police Story as Davey
  • 1977-Space Acadamy as Tee Gar
  • 1978-Wonder Woman as Darell
  • 1978-Hawaii Five-O as Joey Lee
  • 1979-Scooby Doo and Crappy Doo-Additinal Voices
  • 1979-Razzmatazz as Host
  • 1980-The Octagon
  • 1981-Where Fighting Back as Ling
  • 1982-The Renegades as Dragon
  • 1984-The Master as Jonathen Chan
  • 1984-Challange of the Go-Bots as Additinal Voices
  • 1984-St. Elswhere as Dr. Alan Poe
  • 1985-CBS Story Break
  • 1985-The Twilight Zone as David Wong
  • 1985-Stitches as Sam Boon Tong
  • 1986-Police Acadamy 3: Back in Training as Elvis Nogata
  • 1987-Police Acadamy 4: Citizens on Potrol as Elvis Nogata

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