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Lamar Latrell
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First Appearance:

Revenge of the Nerds

Played By:

Larry B. Scott




Lambda Lambda Lambda


Lamar is a homosexual nerd who speaks and acts very effeminately. He often dresses in colorful clothes. He isn't so much a nerd, but like the nerds, he is an outcast and can't confront people who put him down. He has an obvious soft spot for the 12 year old Wormser. This is especially apparent in a scene in the first film where he coaxes Wormser into doing aerobics with him, in his Underoos.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

Harold WormserEdit

He seems to be closest with Wormser out of anyone else, they work out together and break dance at the talent show. Lamar is also the only one who seems concerned that Wormser is watching the Pi girls undress.

Hobbies and TalentsEdit

Lamar spends time working out along to work out videos. During the talent contest he shows that he can break dance and rap, contributing to the Tri-Lamb's win. Lamar also has an interest in fashion shown in the second film, and in a deleted scene from the first film. In the third film he becomes a model.

Film AppearancesEdit


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