Orrin Price

First Appearance:

The Next Generation

Played By:

Morton Downey Jr.


Adam Price (son)


Orrin Price is an alumnus of Adams College, who was a prominent Alpha Beta. When he is taking his son Adam to college he is shocked to see his alma mater is now a nerd paradise. Orrin uses his clout on the Board of Regents to approve Dean Ulich's retirement and have him succeeded by Stan Gable so they can plot to regain power from the nerds on campus. However, his Machiavellian ways prove his downfall, as he was willing to plant drugs in the Lambda Lambda Lambda house in order to discredit Lewis Skolnick, which made Stan, formerly a policeman, ill at ease with lawbreaking, and Stan finally defects to the nerds. Stan's testimony gets the charges dismissed against Lewis and Orrin arrested.

Orrin Price does not appear in the fourth film, but is mentioned when a discouraged Dudley Dawson is reminded by Lewis that when Orrin Price framed him for drug possession, Booger was his defense attorney.

Orrin Price was played by Morton Downey Junior.

Film AppearancesEdit

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