Robert Carradine

Date of Birth:

March 24th, 1954

Place of Birth:

Hollywood, California



Real Name:

Robert Reed Carradine

Years Active:


Personal LifeEdit


  • 1971-Bonanza as Phinney Mclean
  • 1972-the Cowboys as Slim Honeycutt
  • 1972-Footsteps as Gas Station Attendent
  • 1972-Kung Fu as Sonny Jim
  • 1973-Go Ask Alice as Bill
  • 1973-Mean Streets as Boy With Gun
  • 1974-the Cowboys as Slim Honeycutt
  • 1975-The Hatfeilds and the McCoys as Bob Hatfeild
  • 1975-Aloha Bobby as Rose as Moxey
  • 1975-You and Me as himself
  • 1976-Jackson County Jail as Bobby Ray
  • 1976The Pom Pom Girls as Johnnie
  • 1976-Cannonball as Jim Crandell
  • 1976-Massacre at Central High as Spoony
  • 1977-Joyride as John
  • 1977-Ocra as Ken
  • 1978-Coming Home as Bill Munson
  • 1978-Blackout as Christie
  • 1979-Survival of Dana as Donny Davis
  • 1980-The Long Riders as Bob Younger
  • 1980-The Big Red One as Pvt. Zab
  • 1981-Tale of the Klondike as Percy Cuthurt III
  • 1981-Heartaches as Stanley Howard
  • 1982-Tag: The Assassination Game as Alex Marsh
  • 1983-Wavelength as Bobby Sinclair
  • 1984-The Fall Guy as Gardener
  • 1984[Just the Way You Are
  • 1984-The Sun Also Rises as Robert Cohn
  • 1985-Alfred Hitchcock Presents as Jerry
  • 1986-The Twilight Zone as Dan Arnold
  • 1986-Faery Tale Theater as Aladdin
  • 1986-As Is as Rich
  • 1986-Monte Carlo as Bobby Morgan
  • 1987-The Liberaters as John Farfeild
  • 1987-Number One With a Bullet as Detective Barzak
  • 1987-Conspiracy-the Trial of Chicago 8 as Rennie Davis
  • 1987-Buy and Cell as Herbie Altman
  • 1988-Totally Minnie as Maxwell Dweb
  • 1988-I Saw What You Did as Adrian Lancer
  • 1989-Al's Fair as Mark
  • 1989-The Hitchhiker as Frank
  • 1989-Rude Awakining as Sammy Margolin
  • 1990-The Incedent as Domszek
  • 1990-Somebody Has to Shoot the Picture as Srgt. Jerry Brown
  • 1990-Clarence as Clarence Oddbody
  • 1991-K-9 as Jack Bergin
  • 1991-Doublecross as Dave Booker
  • 1992-Ilusions as Greg Sanderson
  • 1992-Revenge of the Nerds 3: The Next Generation as Lewis Skolnick
  • 1992-the Tommyknockers as Bryant Brown
  • 1993-Body Bags as Bill
  • 1993-The Disapearance of Christina as Micheal Croft
  • 1994-Revenge of the Nerds 4: Nerds in Love as Lewis Skolnick
  • 1994-A Part of the Family as Ted
  • 1995-A Killer Within as Ben Wallace
  • 1995-Sirens as Mary Manger
  • 1995-ER as John Cotch
  • 1995-Bird of Pray as Eric Parker
  • 1995-Lois and Clark: the New Adventures of Superman as Joey Burmuda
  • 1996-Hamanoids from the Deep as Wade Parker
  • 1996-Dark Skies as Lonnie Zamora
  • 1997-the Pretender as Dwight Kunkle
  • 1997-the Practice as Dr. Manheim
  • 1998-Stray Bullet as John
  • 1998-Scorpio One as Carter
  • 1998-The Affect of Magic as Roody
  • 1998-Breakout as Zack Hadley
  • 1998-Young Hearts Unlimited as Eddie
  • 199-The Vegas Connection as Matt Chance
  • 1999-Gun Fighter as The Kid
  • 1999-Palmer's Pick Up as Bruce Palmer
  • 1999-Vengance Unlimited as Darin Carter
  • 1999-The Kid With X Ray Eyes as Chuck
  • 2000-Dangerous Curves as John Burnside
  • 2001-Ghosts of Mars as Rodale
  • 2001-2004-Lizzie McGuire as Sam McGuire
  • 2001-Max Keebles Big Move as Don Keeble
  • 2003-Monte Walsh as Sunfish Perkins
  • 2003-The Lizzie McGuire Movie as Sam McGuire
  • 2003-Timcop: The Berlin Decision as Big Jim
  • 2005-Law and Order: Criminal Intent as David Blake
  • 2005-Supercross as Clay Sparks
  • 2008-Robot Chicken as Lewis Skolnick


  • In 2008, Carradine reprised the role of Lewis again in the hit Cartoon series Robot Chicken (epi. "Boo Cooky")

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