This TV speacial takes place (just like the flim Revenge of the Nerds) in 1984, when nerds Lewis, Gilbert, Bogger and Harold Wormser attend Adams college but are now forced complete with the Alpha Betas.


Rob Stone as Lewis Skolnick

Lightfeld Lewis as Gilbert Lowe

Grant Gelt as Harold Wormser

Robbie Rist as Booger Dawson

Richard Gant as P.T. Turner

Jeff Benson as Ogre

Sean Kanan as Todd Channing

Julie McCullough as Betty Childs


  • Some Footage from the oringal movie Revenge of the Nerds is used.
  • Most of the other characters such as Poindexter, Lamar, Takashi, Danny Burke, Judy, Lewis' father, Dean Ulich and Coach Harris do not not appear in this TV series.


  • In the film, Betty feels in love with Lewis in the end and Gilbert meets Judy and the two become a couple. However in this TV specail, Betty still doesn't want anything to do with Lewis in the end, and Judy never appeared.