Revenge of the Nerds III: Nerds in Paradse

Directed By:

Roland Mesa

Written By:

Tim Metcalf, Miguel Tejada-Flores, Steve Zacharaies and Jeff Buhai


Febuary 18th, 1992

Run Time:

100 Minutes



Proceded By:

Nerds in Paradise

Followed By:

Nerds in Love


Lewis's nephew is attending Adams collage and finds that it is now a nerds paradise and a jocks worst nightmare.



  • This is the final appearance of Gilbert, Dean and Wormser.
  • This is the only nerds film not to feature Ogre. 


  • How can Judy still be college in this film ? And why hasn't she appeared in any scenes with Gilbert. Have they broken up ? 
  • The Judy of this film is a different character, although she is roughly the "next generation" equivalent of Judy, she probably should have been named something else.

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