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Timothy Busfield

Date of Birth:

June 12, 1957

Place of Birth:

Lansing, Michigan

Personal LifeEdit

Acting RolesEdit

  • 1983-Reggie as Mark Potter
  • 1984-The Paper Chase as Barrett
  • 1984-Trapper, John MD as Dr. John McIntire
  • 1984-Family Ties as Doug
  • 1985-Hotel as Robert Bianca
  • 1987-Matlock as Adam Gardner
  • 1987-Thirtysomething as Eliot Weston
  • 1989-Feild of Dreams as Mark
  • 1991-Strays as Paul Jarret
  • 1992-Calender Girl, Cop, Killer?, The Bambi Bembenek Story as Fred Schultz
  • 1992-Sneakers as Dick Gordan
  • 1993-The Skateboard Kid as Frank
  • 1993-Striking Distance as Tony Sacco
  • 1994-Murder Between Friends as John Thorn
  • 1994-The Byrds of Paradise as Sam Byrd
  • 1994-Little Big Leuge as Lou Collins
  • 1994-Quiz Show as Fred
  • 1995-In the Shaddow of Evil as Walt Keller
  • 1995-Kidnapped: In the Line of Duty as Pete Honeycutt
  • 1995-The Outer Limits as Dr. Jon Holland
  • 1996-Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman as Spy Guy
  • 1996-Champs as Tom McManus
  • 1996-First Kids as Woods
  • 1997-Tracey Takes on as Buisnessman #2
  • 1997-When Secrets Kill as Walter Ferrence
  • 1997-What's Right With America
  • 1997-The Unspeakable as Mathew Grissom
  • 1997-Buffalo Soldiars as Robert Carr
  • 1998-Carsons Verticle Suburbia as Henry
  • 1998-Erasable You as Brian
  • 1998-The Souler Oppisite as Robert Levin
  • 1998-The Dream House as Richard Conner Thornton
  • 1999-Time at the Top as Frank Shawson
  • 1999-The Darklings as Clayton Shepard
  • 2000-Rude Awakening as John
  • 2000-Wanted as Fr. Donnelly
  • 2000-Heartbeat as Heart
  • 2000-Trucks as Ray
  • 2001-Cover Me as Det. Mackowitz
  • 2002-Dead in a Heartbeat as Franklin
  • 2002-Terminal Error as Elliot Nesher
  • 2003-Natinal Security as Charlie Reed
  • 2002-Ed as Lloyd Stevens
  • 2004-Without a Trace as Ed Felder
  • 2010-Law and Order as Ray Backuland
  • 2010-Outlaw as District Attorny Merrita


  • 1990-Thirtysomething
  • 2000-Cover Me
  • 2000-Sports Night
  • 2000-Rude Awakening
  • 2001-First Years
  • 2001-Lizzie McGuire
  • 2001-Danny
  • 2001-Ed
  • 2002-That;s Life
  • 2003-The Lion's Den
  • 2003-American Dreams
  • 2001-Miss Match
  • 2004-Joan of Arcadia
  • 2004-Good Girls Don't
  • 2004-Summerland
  • 2004-Without a Trace
  • 2006-Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip
  • 2007-Las Vegas
  • 2008-Centerbuty's Law
  • 2008-The Ex List
  • 2008-Lipstick Jungle
  • 2009-Maneater
  • 2009-Lie To Me
  • 2009-White Collar
  • 2010-The Deep End
  • 2010-Mercy
  • 2010-The Glades
  • 2010-Outlaw
  • 2010-No Ordinary Family
  • 2010-The Defenders
  • 2011-Love Bites

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